ABOUTP - Saechao Photography

Growing up, I never knew the true importance of capturing every moment. Often times, you find yourself taking small events for granted. Whether it's a "Kodak moment" or a scheduled family portrait, we should always value the stills of our lives.

A moment is also referred to as a "flash", and much like a flash on a camera, these events will pass in a blink of an eye. I became a photographer because it enables me to help others save their moments; their stories.

      Technician/Inventory Services at Oracle during the day, Finance major at night and a Photo-Journalist at heart.  What little time I have left; Daddy Daughter Day, photography here and there, Tropical Fish Keeping,Bench Shooting,  Mountain Biking, the great outdoors, and travel when I can. 

      Nothing special about me being a photographer, honestly I just want to capture and express the beauty of life ( subjective of course).