Mission - saechaophotography

The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back. Bryant H. McGill  

Encourage, don't discourage.  Show, but don't flaunt.   #Inspire 

Live, Learn and Legacy. #3L

Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose we came from the woods originally. But in some of nature's forests, the adventurous traveler seems a feeble, unwelcome creature; wild beasts and the weather trying to kill him, the rank, tangled vegetation, armed with spears and stinging needles, barring his way and making life a hard struggle.  John Muir 

Being aware of what others might feel is very important, we want to encourage and not discourage. 


Mildly flaunting


Based on how you feel, determines how I've conveyed....

After all this is for you.  There are etiquette to blogging, I am slowly learning.    If I've made you want to visit a place from my images, I have succeed, if my images made you feel as if "Sonny is showing off" then I have failed

This one is somewhat ok, because I am admiring the water fall, showing admiration.  Also my good photography skills.  :)

If you are wondering why I do what I do...

I am doing it for the following reasson

[ ] Fame  [ ]Money [ ] Inspiration  [ ] All The Above [X] None of the above. 

If I can influence one person to get off the couch, I've done my job. 

Every once in a blue moon I'd get a text

"thought about you while I was out in the trails" 

"You'd love this place, Sonny"

"We did this one today"

It is a great feeling..... If you ever want to make my day, just send me a text of where in the woods you are, that will brighten my day. 

Its a win win situation for me.... 

I get healthy.......

Utilizing my talent in photography, helps keep my lack of grammar up  a little.  Sure could use spell check, and editing help.   I blog too fast, to much of a rush!  So pardon me with my grammar, I'm actually some what ed-u-must- cated, just lacking time.... I think.. 

and helping that one person, who needs a kick in the behind to get outdoors, lol......