CastleCrag - Saechao Photography

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

– Jack Kerouac

Location - Directions

Castle Crags State Park is located 6 miles south of Dunsmuir or 48 miles north of Redding along I-5; exit 724. The entrance station is located at: 20022 Castle Creek Road Castella, CA 96017

Getting there is simple. 

From Redding, take Exit 724 from I5.  Left turn, Pass the gas station, less than one mile, on the right side.

From North, Take Exit 724, stay right.  Less than 1 mile,  Entry to your Right. 

After you enter, another 2 miles to Vista Point, that is where you will park to hike the Dome.  Walk down towards the bathroom and pass the restroom, you'll see a BIG sign.  :) 

The "Dome" trail is 2.8 miles one way with incline of 2200 ft Elevation.  There are some steep areas, but the coarse rocks make the trail very manageable.  There are areas of sand and dirt which makes is very slippery.  

Trails are well marked.  Exception of the Part where one heads to Indian Springs, This sign is no longer properly installed.   Go straight, a Left will head to Indian Springs

Fee:  $8 per vehicle 

Camping: Yes, $28 a site.  

Trail Type:  Back and Fort, with many trails. 

Hike: Moderate ( Very manageable) 

Parking: Very limited, Peak hours, there will be no Parking. 

Best time: April-May when it's fairly cool or Later September-October. 

Trail is 75% shaded, making it a enjoyable hike. 

Convo between Fey and I 

"Sonny, we are hiking Castle Crag tomorrow, you should come" 

   Hmm, Who's guiding? 

We are just going to go, Everyone just goes"'

   Who's all going?

"Carrie, Frog, Ace and Tammy"

    I'll try to meet you there, tomorrow.  

These images are done with my iPhone, maybe I ought to Blog with my phone, it's so much easier!  Shaves 10 pounds off my pack.  Means I can carry enough water for a water balloon fight at the top of the trail. 

Centered, Two tiny people there.

Koy and Tammy

There are lots of see, once you are at the "End Trail"  

The Dome is very steep but folks have managed to climb up and down with ease.   

There are several areas of good view. 

The back side is a straight drop, please be careful.   Don't be the first. 

Ace and Frog.  "Frog come here, I got cliffs you might want to see" lol  I did not get an image of Frog holding onto the rocks, but he was scared.  :) 

Finally made it to Castle Crag, thanks to Fey Saelee for inviting me.  I must admit I was surprised to Frog and Ace for doing so well.  More so at Frog, I know Ace does a bit of foraging, fishing, hunting, and hiking.  Frog has the tendencies to drink a bit, comes with being popular.

Truth be told, this hike is some what difficult.  If you ever wondered on your way down, "When will the trail end?" you know it took a lot of energy going up.  

The way the trails are, ( tree, boulders, rocks) makes this a magical place.  I did loose myself in there.  This is a trail of peace and solitude, if you seek solitude.   Glad it's close to home.  Definitely an annual hike.

I must caution you, if there was a place I worried about bears and cougars, Castle Crag would be on top of my list.  The way the landscape is shaped, a perfect environment for cougars, I don't mean the two legged ones.  

 Steve, I will hike with you, this was an impromptu trip home.  

Do you recommend this Place? Yes

Would I do it again?  Yes.   

Where to next?  

I  want to do Mt. Shasta or Mt. Baker, but with the busy weekends, I think I might just take it easy, considering all the hikes I've done this year. 

If you happen to trek here early spring, hit up Indian Spring.  The PCT is here also.  There are several places to wonder to, but I have not research much.  There are 28 miles of trails.  There is a peak to the Left of this mountain, that I haven't a clue to its name.  

Mossbrae Falls is very close.  Exit 730

Hedge Creek Falls is Exit 732 

Can't recall what Exit, But M<cCLoud Fall is on Highway 89, since you are on Highway 89, You can get to Burney Falls from there.  And onto Mt.Lassen if you desire.