CraterLakeP - Saechao Photography


There are several ways to get to crater Lake.  I've always been coming up from Redding, so I take Highway 97, to highway 62.  

If you are coining from North I5, take highway 138, there are signs, it's very easy to get to.  


Those who choose to could stay at the Lodge, there are several camp sites.   There is a park fee of $10 a person.  

Family Friendly. 

Parking Fees: YEs

Camp Sites: Yes  

There aren't much to hike, unless you hike the Rim.  It can be a good thing for those who don't like to hike.   There are a few spots one can hike, i've only explored the West Rim, and haven't gone down to the base where one can swim.  I will someday.  I hope to do it this August, if not First week of September.