KINGCRKFALLS - Saechao Photography

Direction to King Creek Fall is easy.  Google Mt. Lassen.  Then get the map at the entrance.  

I think  it's 12 miles or less from the Christian Camp on Highway 44. 

Kings Creek Fall is part of Mt. Lassen Park.  It's before the Peak, Can't recall the mile marker on the road, likely #14?   Don't quote me. Though.  

Fee is $20, $10 with golden pass, $40 annual and you get Whiskeytown permit  also.

Camp Sites: Lots 

Trail: back and fort or could be loop if you choose to.  

Trail: Easy to moderate, there is a fair hill towards the water fall. 

Family Friendly: Yes very

Best time:  When they open lol... This park opens late due to snow. 

The shorter trail is closed (Being work on).  The longer trail is only .3 miles longer, it seems longer, though.  It's fairly hard hike coming back up.  You'll be surprise.  Thank god, it was a short hike.  Don't rush, enjoy the view to the South.   There ought to be lots of Deer around, and be cautious, there may be bears too.  

Kings Creek Falls was not a planned hike, since I was scouting Mt. Lassen, figured I blog this one.  I did find peace and harmony at the water fall, down at the base, be careful it's slippery.   This fall reminds me of National Creek Fall up in Oregon.  It's a big massive Waterfall,   had it be calmer, it would be more peaceful.  

Likely not going to be a frequent Kings Creek water fall for me, though it's a decent, I'd explore elsewhere, there are lots to see within Mt. Lassen.   

There are lots to do at Mt. Lassen.   Helen Lake is decent.  Bumpass Hell is something I wouldn't know, I contemplated three times, to only enjoy my lunch at the parking lot.  

Lots of lakes within Mt. Lassen, the peace is nice.  I do recommend Mt. Lassen.  

Definitely I will make this hike, Brokeoff Mountain Trail 

Thank you, Sam.