MTLASSEN - Saechao Photography

“There is probably no pleasure equal to the pleasure of climbing a dangerous Alp; but it is a pleasure which is confined strictly to people who can find pleasure in it.” 

Mark Twain

Direction is fairly simple, coming from Redding, Take Highway 44 to highway 89, roughly 48 miles.  A Right turn, then it's another 6 miles to Mt. Lassen peak, maybe less.  

About 8-12 miles from the Mienh Christian Camp, for those familiar with the Camp. 

Two bananas, and something else I couldn't recall.  I took my time to prepare, before going up.  Made sure coffee kicked in as well.  Oh, sunscreen, many folks will forget, but luckily I didn't.  Even with my hoodies, I felt the side of my face burning.

Fees: $20 good for 7 days, $10 Golden Pass, $40 annual and you get Whiskeytown Lake Permit, YAY! 

Hike: Moderate to difficult 

Trail: In and out.  there is no loop.  

Camping: Not on the trail, but I'm not going to tell.  Guess where those kids slept, not in their car, lol.  

Side note: be sure to use the restroom before you head up, there aren't area of seclusion, so best go before you head up the 2.5 miles that is wide open.  I held 44 ounce of liquid until I got back to the parking lot, actually I didn't.... 

This is a very popular trail, luckily I was there early.  There were some kids who camped in the woods, and caught the sunrise, One group of elders, in the parking lot getting ready.  two other groups started before I did,besides that, a few folks but not many already up when I got there. 

the crowd starts after 8:30

The View is as good as is on top at 1.1 miles  

I love seeing siblings helping siblings.  Deep down inside, I wished my older siblings would have shown me the ropes and or carry me, lol.  This isn't the first, I see it all the time.  And a smile is the best thing you can give to acknowledge them. 

.5 miles left marker....

I think the .5 miles of the last stretch is the hardest.  So close but yet .5 miles away.  

Last quince before pushing to the top.

Facing NE.

The Climb is 2.5 miles one way with 2000 ft elevation.   It is moderate to hard.  I've seen more folks here gave up than at Dog mountain, and It is okay.  Just means you can come back and see it another day. 

Looking South

I've always wanted to hike Mt. Lassen, from all the information I gathered my early years, I thought Mt. Lassen was a 7 mile one way hike.  When ever I googled Mt. Lassen, Bumpass Hell will come up, so I thought the two were in the same hike.   Needless to say, they are both separate and fairly easy hike, Bumpass Hell is, Mt. Lassen is an Moderate to hard hike.  It's a 2.5 miles one way, 2000 ft elevation, starting point is already at 8511 ft above sea level. 

There are lots to do.... 

Next on my list, Brokeoff Mountain Trail  

and Bumpass Hell. I've parked in the Parking Lot three times to only eat my food. 

Facing South East

I'm hoping to make this an annual trip, Relatively easy for me without the camera and tripod.  

When I was on my way up at 6:30, there were kids who were coming down, they had caught the sunrise.  I hope to do that next year.   I want to so bad at Camp Muir, but this year, may be too late.  

Got windy as I was heading down the trail.  Best to trek early as the day is calm.   The storm heads in, in the afternoon.