NaradaFAlls - Saechao Photography

Directions.  Google Mt.Rainier.  

Coming from Portland, Take I5 North. 

Take Right on Exit 68 to Highway 12,  

Take Left to highway 7 for 17 miles, then take Right onto Highway 706, this will lead you there to Narada Falls.  

Hang with the crowd, take all your instagram pictures here, if you seek solitude, read further.  

This is a very popular destination, lots of folks on the move.  Be care at the parking lot, lots of folks waiting for your space, also lots of human traffic.  Lots of Foreigners who think they are invincible standing in the driveway.  If you must get out quick when you are done.  The less you stay at the parking lot, the better off you might be. 

There is a fee for entering the park.  $25 for 1-7 days, or $50 for annual pass, or $80 to Washington' Parks.  I bought the Annual pass.  

Getting to the View point is less than .1 miles. all down hill.  Be extremely careful, someone slip badly when I was coming up.  While I was going down, I too also slip, trying to make way for a toddler.  

Getting to the base takes a bit of scramble,  There's is a path to the right after you pass the crowds at the main view point.  

Bottom 25% of the picture above is the base, It's a bit of scramble, be safe.  It is worth the solitude, not many folks venture down to the base.