SprayPARKP - Saechao Photography

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

–Albert Einstein

To the few I gave my Instagram account to, it's Sonny LaZeuz without the T.  Sorry. 



Spray Falls lies in the Mowich Lake District in the northwest corner of Mt Rainier National Park. According to my GPS log, I got here from Seattle by taking the Hwy 167 south to North Puyallup, then heading east on Hwy 410 until I made a right turn onto Mundy Loss Rd. Mundy Loss Rd (which seemed like a residential road) hooks up with Hwy 162.

It then headed east and hooked up with Hwy 165. Heading south on Hwy 165, the road passes through the small towns of Wilkeson and Carbonado. Not long after a long single-lane bridge (roughly 3 miles past Carbonado), Hwy 165 splits where the right fork ascends steeply then becomes Mowich Lake Road while the left fork leads to the Carbon River Entrance Station of Mt Rainier National Park.

You will be traveling 15 miles of logging road.  9.8 from when the pavement ends to the Fee paying site.  PLEASE pay your fees or you will get a ticket.  After the Fee station you have 4.5 miles to the parking lot.  

Saw lots of vehicle with white envelopes.  

Had I known it was on a dusty logging road, I would not have ventured here.  

This was at 7:00PM

There are lots to do,  the parking gets full quickly.  Folks love the Lake, the Tolmie Tower, the Meadow, last but not least the Spray fall. 

Fee: YES

Hike Type: back and forth.  Not a loop.  

Distance: 2.96 lol... It's 3 miles 6 RT.

Elevation gain: Not sure

Difficulty:  Moderate 

Seasons:  June - September -> Closed Winter. 

Family Friendly: Yes

Backpackable: Yes ( some areas you can camp) Jus not near Spray Park or on the trail. 

Crowded: Yes -> Super crowded! 

Driving Directions

Tolmie Peak Lookout 

From Puyallup, drive east for 13 miles on Highway 410 to the small town of Buckley. Turn right onto Highway 165 and continue through Carbonado. You're looking for Mowich Lake Road, which is beyond the Carbon River Gorge bridge, right outside of town. Turn right onto Mowich Lake Road and follow it about 17 miles to its end. Note that this road is dirt, and can be rough. Consider bringing a high-clearance vehicle. The trailhead is on the left side of the road, near Mowich Lake.

Entry to trail

After learning about the Eagle Creek Trail' fire was started from a careless act.  I want to stress, PLEASE do not start fire where is prohibited. 

I started in a rush, I had a bit of a hard time adjusting, once I did, the rest of the 2 miles was lax.  Lots of ups and down trails.  Coming back is a lot easier. 

Trail is relatively safe, appears to be maintained.  

The images above were shot with my ND#4 and #8, so they are not as crisp. 

Once you make it here, Less than 1 mile to Spray Fall

There are several walk-in camps sites 1-2, then 20 something, the others are reserved for permits.  Camp site 1 and 2 was available when I got there.  But I decided not to camp.  This place allows sleep in the car, so had I wanted to, I could have slept in the car.  But i elected to get home.  I've been away from the house for a while, that evening my mom called me, wondering where I was.  So I figured to ease her mind I come home. 

I got Spray Fall to myself for a good hour after the last person left.  I got to think, reflect on where I am and  headed.  A weekend of outdoors, seems to clean your mind.  First an foremost, I want to thank my parents, they have been supportive of the things I am not doing. 



There are lots to do here,  I hope to make this an annual trip.  I will hike Spray Park meadow, and the Tommie Peak Lookout .  I'm not so sure about up to Carbon River, but the other two, doable.  I spent too much time at the Water fall and didn't do the Meadow hike.  Folks who hiked up there saw a bear.  And said it's a STEEP 1 mile climb! 

I want to make this an annual trip, Hike the meadows and the water fall. Camp atleast one night.  I like this area.  Will spend some time on the lake next time I'm there.  I did not see Elk, but this area is known for Elks.

Comments and suggestions.