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You think I could or would just pick up and go home, Its not that easy.  As much as I want to be home I need that comfort.  Job security.   With that said, the journey home has been very tough.  Maybe it's timing.  

- Don't count on your friends to help you 

- Don't have expectations 

- You and only You

- Don't get involve with the GLUE CLUB 

- Don't involve yourself in a relationship 

- The best comes to those who wait! 


Invest in yourself, work your way to the top. 

Stay humble, don't forget your friends.  No matter what job you may acquire or how much disposal income you may have.   Remember the friends you had in your early years.  Don't mind the GLUE CLUB! 

T H R E E 6

T - Invest 

H- Invest 

R- Invest 

E - Invest 

E - Enjoy 

6 -  Quit! 

1.  Pictures Lots of Pictures......

Basketball crew 

Matt and Company 

My Juniors 

My Boys ( L and Chio )