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February 15, 2018

    How did I manage to get myself in a predicament where I'm unable to find a rock to crawl under.    

"Life is boring without regrets"  

Throw you a bone...

You think I'd be used to people gossiping, but then again in some ways I am a little bothered by it, not so much how it affects me, but the other person' life.   With that said, I want to stay low key, do my thing, can't be around people who will likely  speak ill.   

February 13, 2018

Riding that high roller coaster this week.   I was shocked to hear from my friend, my intuition, I already knew what had happened, just one of those things, you kinda know.   Glad he is okay, can't wait 'til I see him this late spring/summer.  " Stay simple and humble,  do you "

February 12, 2018 

  Every day is a learning.  What have you learn, Two positive is 220, and stay grounded.   Reminding myself to never be jealous of something that is "NOT" real.   Stay humble, You an't all that! 

Was awesome to see Nicole from North Highlands, kinda cool to see folks from NH, Saw a few  couple weeks ago.  Nikki had to remind me, I thought it was funny, was good to see her, Loco was shocked, none the less, to my youth.   

I've always liked Num.... Love this song...  Due time I'd like to see Num in concert.  Stayhumble.

Junior' Stitch, Micro / MiniFrenchie.

February 6, 2018

Life is back on track, able to sleep at night, not stressed or anxious anymore.   If anything I've learned, it's to weather the storm and be nice, even when it's not you.

Lighten my fish stock, which took some stress off my shoulder.   I just wished I could be more stable. 

Waiting on someone to get back to me as well on my opportunity to move back home.

"Bills up the hills!" 

February 5, 2018 

Kinda missing the outdoors. Hoping to see Yosemite this year.  I missed the opportunity last year.  oh well. 

"The best comes to those who wait"   

- 600 Gallon AA, Rays and FRT. 

- Trio Frenchies

I am reminded to not be jealous of something that isn't real.   

February 3, 2018

Drank a bit much today, Happy Chinese' New Year.   A reminder to stay humble.  Don't forget your friends, no matter how much disposal income you may have, always remember the friends you had. Don't buy into the GLUE CLUB, If they changed, that's them.  "Treat others as how you want to be treated" Dalai Lama 

February 2, 2018.

Had one of my  worst days yesterday; (1) someone questioned my integrity, which I felt I dealt with well, not my integrity but a reflection of me. (2) someone Cold turkey me,  Cold Turkey is actually good for you (3) was reminded how horrible I am with Exams (4) Tried to take my frustration out on the basketball courts, led by three points, missed the winning shot, and loses the game!  FM!  (5) wanted to get the day over so bad, I left in a hurry and left my shoes and ball unlock at the gym.  Today didn't fair well either, busy at work, and the minute I got home, called to duty.  I was looking forward to a cold beer and calling it a week.  

February 1, 2018 

Finally my sleepless nights have ended, got some sleep last night.  Just one of those phases people go through I suppose.  Just when I said to myself "weather through the storm, a bad storm never lasts forever".  Curve my diet and I will be back on track with my health.   

( 1 ) T 180 Gallons Mbu 

( 2 ) H 300 Gallons FRT 

( 3 ) R 300 Gallons AA RTG 

( 4 ) E 300 Gallons AA  SR

( 5 ) E 300 Gallons AA 24K

( 6 ) 6 600 Gallons Rays ( BD/LEOS/PEARLS) 

"With me, with out me" 

Love this  part of the movie, even more at the end when She says "With me, with out me"   Have faith.

Truly do not have the capacity and strong believer in faith, give me three years.  Funny thing is I've envisioned my future, god's gift to me.  "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be"

January 31, 2018

Murphy's law, if there's something that is going to go wrong, it will.  My sleeping schedule has been all $%^&ed up!  My doctor says it's due to lack of sex.  I think it's because I have too much on my mind.   This weekend is our family Mienh new year celebration.  Will be good to see the nephews and nieces.

Six days back to my regime, feels good.   Noticed I've slim down a bit, but eating habit is still awful, better than most but awful to my standards.   Need to cut back on carbs, though carbs are a need, I need to cut back on rice.   Hoping to get back down to 170 fit.  I'm currently 178 FAT.  The 8 pounds difference isn't really 8 pounds, more like reducing 15 pounds of body fat, and gaining 7 pounds of muscles. 

January 30, 2018

Slowly but surely getting myself back onto the basketball court.   Surprised the players last night, scored the last 8 points and the winning basket, a three pointer.  Total points scored 8 of the 12 points.  Love surprising people,  Just cause I look fat and old, doesn't mean I don't have the fundamentals.  Every once in a few plays, I still have the burst to beat you to the basket, :)

Grateful to have choices; Queen of Hearts, Clubs or Diamond? lol  I am kidding, have a sense of humor.  Having choices isn't always ideal, more stressful then it seems.  "Sonny, pick one!"  Besides the options of fishes I have to choose from, I am truly grateful for life and health.   Camp Muir and Mt. Shasta 2018.   I may not climb to the peak of Mt. Shasta, but I can say I try.  I will be the first mienh, if I do attempt.  There was a time I prided myself being the first, can you say "Imnaha!"

Grateful, I'm able to still hoop, not great at it but still able to win with my teammates.   I don't think I've ever been this out of shape.  I've lost all, if any muscles I've gained from last year' work outs.  I'm grateful I am able to hit the gym, slow but able to, that's all that matters, able to move and is moving.  No knee problems, which is awesome.

January 25, 2018 

   Feels good to be back at work.  I'm going to be a slave for the rest of my life, the two and half weeks I took off was more worrisome than relaxing, 8 hours no obligations left me anxious.   Weird but I'm actually happy to be back to work.   Not having to work threw my sleeping schedule off.   

No matter how much I say I want to halt my fish hobby. Never seize to amazes me, how I wished I have my own places, where I am stable.   Have Rays, AAs, and FRTs in a 600 gallon aquarium.  To each their own, my anti-drug.  

Finally made the time to visit the gym.  Was hard seeing familiar faces without them judging, but after a few smiles, "Dude you got fat too!"  the rest was piece of cake, metaphorically speaking of course.   Basketball, Swim, Tred, some light weights to get started.  

Only cool thing I did was take some pictures at Sundial Bridge.  I also had a couple of cool nights drinking, actually I drank all but two nights!  Managed to stay out of trouble which is a good thing.  I might have started something I am not mature enough to finish? none the less it was a good learning lesson to be home for 20 some odd days #boring, but I did learn a lot though.