BUTTECREEK - Saechao Photography

Directions from Northwest waterfall Survey

From the town of Scotts Mills,

follow Crooked Finger Road for 11 1/2 miles

(2 miles past the end of the pavement) and turn left onto Road 400, signed for Butte Creek Falls

and drive another 2 miles to the trailhead.

Follow the trail, staying to the left at all junctions, for about 1/3 of a mile to the viewpoint overlooking the falls.

If you are familiar with Abiqua Falls, pass the turn on the right.  Continue passing the shooting range, Take the First Left.  Do not take the first left Turn, After you've made a turn. You'll want to continue  on the Main road (400) and  you will see the sign and Parking Lot to the left after 2 miles.  

Zero your odometer and pay attention for 2 miles.  

I've been after Butte Creek  water fall for some time now.  I knew of the water fall, but never attempt to find it.  Directions on the web is terrible, and the area is very easy to get loss.  Took me four hours to find Abiqua, so I was not willing to spend another 4 hours for a water fall.  Luckily I asked some guys who were at Abiqua,  Even after they gave me directions, I still missed the left turn.  I'll provide better directions next time I go back.

Made it to Butte Falls, but not with my DSLR, go figure.  A Top 20 Water Fall, will revisit with my DSLR.  With Timing I will make this a WOW photograph waterfall.  lol. 

Butte Creek Fall is a great reminder  for me to cherish the water falls I know.  I've also acknowledge my niece it's best to always travel with someone that knows the area, otherwise you could waste a whole day looking for something.

Butte Creek Falls is Water #41 for 2017, not even a planned water fall for my #77s. Worthy to be one. 

I will return to this Butte Creek Falls with my DSLR, slow shutter to get some likes on FB, because that is what I do, LIKES on FB drives my passion. #NoSARCASM

Hike: Easy 

Parking Fee: Not sure, Likely not.  Bring your NW pass, if you have it. 

Hike Type: Loop

Distance: 1.1 miles

Elevation gain: 320 feet

Difficulty: Easy

Seasons: Year round

Family Friendly: Yes

Backpackable: No

Crowded: Yes