AlamereFallsP - Saechao Photography


Google is a good friend, the roads are horrible!  

Better yet, solicit a friend who knows how to get there! 

It is a slow drive!   

I am not familiar with Point Reyes, so Google is a better friend on this Waterfall.  It's a slow drive, go early, if you are headed there on a Saturday or Later in the evening.  

If you walked more than 5 miles you went too far. About 5 miles is where I would look for left turn into Alamere Falls trail. It isn't obvious turn and it looks like you are diving into the bushes crunching down. Don't be alarmed. It's the right place.  There are lots of poison oak, be careful and cover up. 

Don't miss this turn on the left!

You heard her, " It's the best way to go!" 

From there you have less than a mile to the Falls. Hiking down to the waterfall is a challenge but slowly you can do it. I would be very careful because it's super slippery (when wet)  but what helps is hiking down by seating down. Take one step at the time and don't hurry. You have all time in the world to make it there safely.    Patience is Key to getting there safely.  

Be patience, there will be a period of time where no one is coming down or going up, do not rush to get in line. 

In all honestly I never thought I make time for this water fall, but the opportunity arrises and I seized it.   People often think I am the one who guides but often I am guided by others.  My way of KARMA is in good KARMA.  

I had fun, and this is a pure Instagram, social media water fall, lol.  Nothing spiritual for me.  The trees were nice, but the crowd made this place a zoo.  I've never hiked a trail with so many folks, not even Yosemite!   Must been due to a Saturday.   This trip makes me appreciate the falls Oregon has.  

I would NOT do it again.   Unless my Big Fat Friends from Redding wants to prove to themselves they can hike this trail 5 mile one way trail, otherwise it's a one hit wonder for me.   There are far more better water falls to chase.  :)  

Lots of date go'ers.  Kinda risky towards the fall, but manageable.  

By the way all the photos were taken with my iPhone 6.   10 miles and sand was too much for my DSLR, plus I knew there was going to be a crowd, and it'd have been too bright to slow shutter the water fall.  Good choice not bringing my DSLR!