BURNEYFALLS - Saechao Photography

“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.”

–John Burroughs

Visiting Redding, bored at the cousin's house or tired of the boy/girlfriend and want to get away?  Here are some mainstream water falls to visit.  Dependent on what you are after; the trophy at the end or the hole to jump in (wait til June). 

Trophies at the end... 

Burney Falls 

Mossbrae Falls

McCloud Falls

Holes to jump in

Hatchet Fall 

Potem Falls

Mossbrae Falls.

       Directions:  finding the waterfall is tricky, tricky because of parking, then the hike, parking is very limited, and it's street parking.   Once you find a parking  ( Dunsmir ave and or Mott Rd)  You'll want to find Shasta Retreat, there you'll hike to a RailRoad crossing, stay right, and follow this awesome tracks 1 mile north, and you will see it before crossing a bridge, if you get to the bridge you have gone 300 yards too far.  Google it not a good friend when it comes to this water fall. 

Hedge Creek Falls 

    The forgotten fall, I always forget this one, because it dries up in the summer. 

Easy to get to and  easy hike. 

Direction is very easy.   Exit and the parking it right there,
 or left dependent on which way you exited.  Heading north, after the Exit, Left turn, go under the freeway, parking is on Mott Rd, to the right.

From I-5 heading north, pass through Dunsmuir and take the Siskiyou Ave exit. Turn left, pass under the freeway and immediately turn right onto Mott Road. The parking lot is on the right.

From I-5 heading south from Mount Shasta, take the Siskiyou Ave exit. Turn right and right again. The parking area is immediately on the right.

Too bright, and sun too harsh, I will return to get better picture.

McCloud Falls

     I'll be honest this was a recent discover.   hadn't a clue until 2017.   Middle Fall is best imo.   there are three falls, and a 3.5 mile path you can take to see all three.  If you are like most people, drive and park next to the water falls, :)

Directions :  I5 north from Redding, take the highway 89 exit.  It'll be 15ish miles from the Junction.  (Look for a Fowlers Camp/McCloud Falls sign.)  Relatively easy to get to..  

More information from a blogger ;  Californiathroughmylens a good site. 

Burney Falls 

     I've been here so many times, more so than of Exes, lol.  Been stuck in Burney for a week during a mid 90's winter storm.  My high best friend is from the area.  When ever there was things I had to deal with in life, I went to Burney to get away.  

Directions: From I5 head north from redding to Highway 299,  Head East,  then left onto Highway 89.   The park is northeast of Redding, 6 miles north of Highway 299 on Highway 89 near Burney.

Didn't make it there this weekend, short of time, and 299 was closed. 

The loop drive from Redding to Burney  ,  McCloud,Hedge Creek and  Mossbrae Falls.  I always forget about Hedge Creek Falls.  :)  You may reverse the route. All dependent on how you want to conserve energy, the longer hike is Mossborae Falls, Burney is literally a throw stone kind of hike.