HEDGE_CREEK_FALLS - Saechao Photography

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” ― John Muir

This is one of the water falls I often forget about, she's very easy to get to, direction and hike.  If you are visiting Mossbrae or McCloud falls, couple this one, it's a 30 minute time.  Do it before June, or the creek dries up.   be sure to go under and around to the other side.  

down the path, there is something there, see if you can find it. 


From I-5 heading north, pass through Dunsmuir and take the Siskiyou Ave exit. Turn left, pass under the freeway and immediately turn right onto Mott Road. The parking lot is on the right.

From I-5 heading south from Mount Shasta, take the Siskiyou Ave exit. Turn right and right again. The parking area is immediately on the right.

You would have been coming out of here or entering here if you are go to go to Mossbrae Falls. This is Mott Rd.

But wait there is more.... Yes there is... Go under, walk around to the other side... down the trail to the left is another small water fall.  To the end there are some areas to do selfies for Instagram.   Just be careful, though.

Patience; people come and go, before you know it, you be the only one there....

Practice "past it forward"  these folks left their car door open.  I closed it, luckily the water fall trail is close by, they were up in less than 20 minutes,  They were Instagram'ers, too cute.  Nice truck though!

By going solo, you are going at your own pace, take your time, enjoy it.   

Images are slightly over exposed, the sun isn't a good friend when it comes to long exposure. 

It's for blogging, not for a contest and or prints.  I shall look to bring my ND filters for print materials. 

The golden hour is only 1 hour, and it's right before/after sun rise, not many, including myself are able to be there... at least I got good pictures of Mossbrae falls.  :)