HatchetCreeKFallsP - Saechao Photography

Directions: Off highway 299, Onto Big Bend road. 

So from the I-5 north in the town of Redding, we then took the Hwy 299 exit heading east. From there, we drove for about 34 miles (passing through the towns of Round Mountain and Montgomery Creek) towards a signed turnoff for Big Bend Rd on our left. Big Bend Road was roughly 4.5 miles or so past the turnoff for Fenders Ferry Road (which led to Potem Falls. Once we turned left onto Big Bend Road, we then followed this road for the next 0.8 miles to a fairly large pullout on the right side of the road just before the road curved towards the bridge over Hatchet Creek. This pullout was where we stopped the car and started the scramble.

Fairly simple to get to.... 

      I5 North to 299 ( 34 Miles, look for Big Bend road), Another 4.5 miles, and you should come to a bridge, if you cross the bridge, You've gone too far. 

Parking Lot

Entry to the water fall is where the White car is... 

Trek near the creek, it's a lot easier. 

You can trek the higher trail but it is not safe. 

Start off with the Log, then venture to the cliff on the right, the cliff on the left  [ facing the log ] is dangerousBend your legs if you are to jump off the higher cliff.  Folks have touched the ground, and if you're a skinny and straight bodied you will hit the ground. 

It's a fun water fall to go and jump and swim, not one to loose one's spiritual mind.  My friend lives literally 5 minutes from here, so I'll likely visit him often. 

I will make more time knowing how easy it is to get to this fall.   I like jumping off into water, but the cliffs are a bit high for me.  Maybe someday with encouragement of younger friends.  

Water falls near by.... 

Potem Falls 

Burney Falls  

Montgomery Creek is also near by...