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“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

John Muir

Mossbrae Fall is actually close to the public, the tracks are.  Trek at your own risk. 

Mossbrae Falls.

Apologies for the quick write up and the grammar errors.  My niece Monique said she'd start helping, but writing as a third person is tricky.   Most of you who actually visit my blog are people I've met in some way or form, so you know I'm not an F.O.B.I am making grammar errors due to my quick write ups. 

Web Directions: 

From the Hwy 44/I-5 interchange, we continued north along the interstate for roughly 52 miles (about an hour's drive) to the Central Dunsmuir off-ramp (exit 730). This off-ramp was roughly 4.5 miles north of the vista point turnoff with a view of Mt Shasta. We then turned left onto Dunsmuir Ave going under the I-5 then continued along this street for the next 1/2- to 3/4 miles. The archway leading to the Shasta Retreat was on the left, but there was no public parking with the Shasta Retreat complex so we had to U-turn and find available parking along Dunsmuir Ave.

I got the direction from this Site.  someone else' blog. 

Please read... lol... kinda of out of date.  But is a good reminder to everyone this place is in Private Property so respect the place. Last I heard it was open to the public, after public protest.  Don't take my word for it. 

My Directions.

Best way is to Take the Chevron gas station exit on Dunsmuir ave from I5 North( Exit 730), from there, drive a good quarter plus mile, after passing Cave Motel, there is a little space for parking,  I've parked here several times with no issues.  The Sheriff station is a mile north if you want to make sure if parking and access to the trail is open to public.  Do not drive to Exit 732 of I5, you have gone too far, it's a good thing if you ar looking for Hedge Creek Fall, lol... 

Park at the Park ( a quarter of mile down).

Thanks to Kelly Thao.

I generally park at the man made parking lot.  I've been fortunate the few times I've been there.

Look for this entrance,  Should be roughly 100 yards from the man made parking, about 1/4 of a mile from the Park.

Inside looking out.

Hike: Easy

Family friendly; Yes

Paring Fee/Permit: NO 

Distance: 2-2.5 miles RT.  Guessing.

Right turn after crossing the bridge

There is a beaten path to the right, if you feel the need to walk on the tracks, please turn often to make sure there is no train, also, no head phones.  Be safe, someone has been ran over before,   I've been told, they closed this road before, and it won't take much to get it close again.

You've gone too far if you pass this bridge, plus it is private property, the water fall is to the right.

A little bit of creativity.. I like this picture.  a little bit of Peter Lik touch to it.

Not many but a few has asked to donate money for my efforts.  My suggestion is to buy a Subway sandwich for a homeless on your behalf, and I will know you meant well.  No one has to know but you, take that to heaven with you. :)  

I have perfected my selfie stand, so no need for myself in the water fall pictures anymore.  My fellow friends joking about my selfie pictures, only means they are seeing it, which is a good thing.  

I got to test out my new BMG 105 by Mountain Hardwear, awesome bag, but kinda BIG, my normal 32 pound seem like 12, so it is structurally better built than my previous bag.

Thanks for visiting, and it is okay to go solo, also it's not girly to seek water falls.  :) 

Relatively an easy hike, but some what difficult to find at first.   A top 10, one I highly recommend if you are seeking solace.  Go early or later in the evening.  My tip would to be go early, this way you have plenty of time to recover if you run into issues.  Summer light fades quickly, especially in the forest.

Open to suggestions and comments.