Panther Creek Falls - saechaophotography

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir 

       My pictures does not do justice for this water fall, there is more to what meets the eyes.   By far a favorite water fall, relatively easy to get to.  The directions from Google  and Yahoo maps will not take you to the parking lot.  I missed the parking, had to turn back.  I finally asked people for directions.  I hope some day someone has the time and energy to put up signs. 

If there is one thing I ask of you when you seek water falls and see these majestic places is that you have some RESPECT.   Canon said it best " Capture mother Nature as you see it"  Don't leave trash behind nor ruin anything, only leave footprints.

If you are out seeking water falls, bring your good side, generally folks out seeking water falls have been great folks, be courteous.  Leave mother nature as you see it, Leave only footprints and nothing else.