DiamondCreekFalls - Saechao Photography


Located west of Willamette Pass, just off of Highway 58. The falls are accessed from the Salt Creek Falls day use area, located 21 miles east of Oakridge, or 5 miles west of Willamette Pass. The parking lot is well signed from the main road, and east bounders will undoubtedly see Salt Creek Falls through the trees before reaching the turnoff. Park at the far end of the loop, follow the Diamond Creek Falls trail across Salt Creek and bear right at the first junction. The trail follows the rim of Salt Creek Canyon, passing the lower falls of Diamond Creek after 2/3 of a mile. At 1-¼ miles, a spur trail breaks off to the right and descends to the base of Diamond Creek Falls in another ¼ mile. Continuing up the main trail for another 500 feet will bring you to a view from the top of the falls. There is actually a road passing within 500 feet of the brink of the falls, but you'll need good clearance to drive all the way to this point (take the gravel road from the Salt Creek Falls parking area, turn right at the second junction and drive for about 3 ½ miles to Diamond Creek).

Parking Fee is required.

Follow the Blue Diamonds on the trees! 

Hike is moderate.  at 1.5 miles one way, there are tons of mosquitos!  I was bitten 20 times before reaching the fall.  

Take this route to the base of the water fall.

I doubt any mienh folks will ever venture here, frankly it's not worth the drive.  Unless you are a freak of nature like me who enjoys the solitude.  :)  Visit Salt Creek falls when you are here.