MoonFallsP - Saechao Photography

Exit Interstate 5 at Cottage Grove (Exit 174) and drive east on Row River Road for approximately 19 1/2 miles to the junction of Brice Creek Road # 22 and Layng Creek Road # 17, and turn left onto Layng Creek Road. Follow Road # 17 for 9 miles to a junction and bear right with the main road. Drive for ¼ mile, passing the Spirit Falls trailhead, and turn left onto Road 1702. Follow this route for another 2 ¾ miles and turn right onto Road 1702-728, which is signed for Moon Falls. Follow this road to it's end in another ½ mile (stay left at the junction near the end). From here, follow the oddly muddy trail for ½ mile to the base of the falls.

Additional Waterfalls which occur within 5 miles of Moon Falls

Spirit Falls 1.55 miles

Silverstairs Falls 1.56 miles

Kreuger Rock Falls 1.80 miles

Saltpeter Falls 1.80 miles

Pinard Falls 1.85 miles

Layng Creek Falls 2.74 miles

Upper Bridge Creek Falls 2.90 miles

Herman Creek Falls 3.09 miles

Duval Creek Falls 3.74 miles

Whitehead Creek Falls 4.83 miles

Hike is simple, family friendly. 

Steep at some areas but still relatively easy.

No Parking fee needed. 

The flow was not great and couldn't do justice with my camera, too much sun!   Google is a good friend for better images.   This Water Fall is best Early Spring when water flow is better.  

Be sure to visit Spirit Creek Falls if you are planning to see Moon Creek Falls.  You would actually pass Spirit Creek Falls if you are headed to Moon Falls.