NationalCreekFallsP - Saechao Photography


National Creek Falls is located west of Crater Lake National Park off of Highway 230. The falls are reached by proceeding 5.8 miles north of the intersection of Highways 62 and 230 to FR 6530. Stay left at the major intersection and find the trailhead 3 1/2 miles from Highway 230. The trail drops down to the falls in just under 1/2 mile.

Truth be told, I hope to catch this on a calmer day, I want to capture this waterfall to wow some my friends.  :)  It was rushing when I was there.  

Sorry I was there very late and didn't have time to take pictures.  I will make a return trip to do some photography work. 

Can't recall if there is parking fee, but I don't think there is.  

Parking is limited to maybe a dozen cars.  Plan not to go on a summer Saturday.  

Hike is very family friendly, there are several short cuts.  It's kinda steep but moderate hiking.  

National Creek was a  bucket list water fall.  I'm glad I made time, should have made more time, though.  When I got there, after following a OHP for 20 Miles on Highway 97, Then another 18 on Highway 62, then another 8 or so on Highway 230.  I wanted to kill someone.   I was racing against day light, and the OHP knew I wasn't going to pass him.   

Additional Waterfalls which occur within 5 miles of National Creek Falls

Highway Falls 1.14 miles

Alkali Falls 2.81 miles

Muir Creek Falls 2.95 miles

Middle Rogue River Falls 3.97 miles

Rough Rider Falls 4.67 miles

There are lots to do here, plan well, and spend a weekend in this area, you will not regret it.   Bring lots of bug spray!