Spirit_FallsP - Saechao Photography

Directions:  Mapquest and Google are good friends .  I MapQuested this Water Fall.  15 Miles of logging road but well maintained after you make a right off highway 58 coming from the West.  Easy to Locate.  Stay to you Left, there are signs.  this area is well maintained and lots of signs.  

Frankly if you are my friend, seek this fall with someone that knows the area.   There are lots of water falls in this area, but it is not safe.  One has to be adventurous, which isn't always good.

But Google will get you there.... 

Exit Interstate 5 at Cottage Grove (Exit 174) and drive east on Row River Road for approximately 19 1/2 miles to the junction of Brice Creek Road # 22 and Layng Creek Road # 17, and turn left onto Layng Creek Road. Follow Road # 17 for 9 miles to a junction and bear right with the main road. In less than 500 feet, you'll find the Spirit Falls trailhead on the right. Park and follow the trail downstream for 1/3 of a mile to the bottom of the falls.

Got it here! 

No parking fee.  Parking is very limited 5 cars at most. 

There are lots of mosquitos!  

The hike is very short, less than .5 miles, so 1 mile round trip. 

I had lots to say but all have been forgotten.   This was a planned visit.  I've wanted to see Spirit Falls, then National Creek Falls, and end my water fall chasing for this summer.  I need to focus on my other part of life, chasing a gf.  

Be sure to see Moon Falls andPinard Falls, both within 10 minutes.  

Cliche, but I was spiritually drawn to this fall, when she is full, she is a water fall not to wrecken with, she's not, but she is much prettier in a full dress.   

I will revisit this water fall.