Hiking_Plans - Saechao Photography

Outdoor plans on hold, as my other aspect of life is taking form, means less time to seek the outdoors.   I must admit, the outdoor has done me well.  I sit up in the mountains, and the waterfalls, nothing else matters, but me, my life.

" When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can not hurt you! "

1. Revisit Mt. Rainier - Camp Muir

     Pinnacle Peak - Comet and Christine Falls

     Comet Falls

     Spray Falls

2. GOAT wilderness

     Lower Lewis Fall

3. Mt Shasta 

4. Mt. Baker

5. Banff

The very top of my List is GOAT Wilderness, which is fairly close to me.  I may end up doing this one alone, due to the fact I won't have a place to get a dog soon. 

GOAT Rock wilderness, WA

Glacier Park, Mt. 

I am fortunate that I am friendly, a clerk at Columbia shared to me, before this I hadn't a clue.

Glacier Park, MT.

Banff is another one I will tackle someday. 

Mt Shasta

I've drove to Mt Shasta several times, to only find it closed.  You need a permit.   I've been thinking, I shouldn't tackle too much in one year.  Though the timing is perfect.  I ought to wait and conquer some mountains next year.  Or may be not..  Mt. Shasta is an over night stay, 6 miles in and 6 miles out, all incline.

Great Link here for Northern California

Guided Service Those with a little bit of money.

Alpine Lake Mount Baker?  --> Kinda out of the way. 

Three Sister's  A must 

Mt St. Helens  My excuse is this is an active volcano!  What a sad life if I was to make a trip and the volcano decides to erupt.  Some odd reason I thought the eruption was 1984, but it was 1980.  Non the less, "If its important you will make time, if not you will make excuses, and I have Excuses for Mt. St Helen. 

Completed YAY!!!!

Mt. Lassen just open up (July 27), Due to snow. On the to do list.  COMPLETED 9-2-17

Castle Craig,  Excuses, excuses!!! I've been meaning, just never in the mood while I am in Redding, #Chillaxingmood.  The time will come.   COMPLETED 9-10-17

Mount Rainier is second on my list.   Easy to get to, just got to find a weekend.  Completed Several times now. a favorite.