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September 18, 2107

         As we approach fall, I will be chasing less water falls.  Less daylight in the day, means I can't travel far.  Definitely Butte Falls to do photography work.  I might make it to highway 138,  also see Mt.Rainier, but I wouldn't count on it, as my other aspect of my life is taking shape. 

Tumalo Falls

     Always been kinda off the way.  I've been to Bend, OR, more times than I've had ex-girlfriends. An extra hour of travel, plus the hike, makes an extra four hours of stop that I don't have time for.  I don't or haven't made this waterfall a priority.   

Tumalo Falls, OR.

Watson falls,  Or.

     You ever drive by a water fall and wished you would have stop by.  "So this is where watson fall is!" But I was on my way to Toketee Falls.

Watson Falls

Lemolo Falls,  OR. 

    Did the same thing to this waterfall, drove pass it, and wished I would have made time for it.

These are not my work, my works are in my blog, these are sample images for reference. Thank you. 

Palous Fall, WA. 

      4-5 hours from my house,  always thought I make my way East to see Yellow Stone, I guess not 2017.  Things never go according to plan, but that is alright, I'm finally turning 20, I meant 40, but I feel as if I am 20.

Palous Falls, WA.

Bridal Veil Falls, WA. 

Just haven't made plans to spend time in Mt. Rainier.  Hopefully soon. 


Lewis River Fall,  WA. 

   Litterally 2 hours north of me, just haven't had the time.  I'm hoping my niece and or nephew would say, "Uncle, lets go!" but they haven't.  This one is a fun hole to jump in, lol  It's not one to loose one's self.

Lewis Fall, WA.

United States  

1. HAvaSu

2. New York falls  -> specific  Watkins Glen State Park  aka  Rainbow Falls.   Who knew New York!  

3. Yellow Stones Falls 

4. Yosemite Falls

HavaSu Falls, AZ.

RAinbow Fall, NY.

If I am ever in New York, but I wouldn't make a plan to chance "JUST" this water fall, its beautiful, but not worth the efforts.

Rainbow Falls, NY.

Foreign Water Falls

1. Argentina  Iguazu 

2. The Secret Pool of Kuang Si Waterfall aka  Luang Prabang Laos

2. Ban Gioc–Detian Falls Vietnam 

Top 25 Foreign Water Falls. 

I wouldn't travel to see just the water falls.   If anything, Kuang Si, would be the most likely.  Argentina less likely.   #someday


My goal is to get to 77 waterfalls, but the more the merrier.  Only planning to see 4 new waterfalls a year.  Hoping to see one that is different and 3-4 local, within 200-500 miles.

My very first #EPIC Water Fall selfie.

I find peace and solitude at every water fall I have been to.   I brought Claire up to Upper Latourel Falls, and I thought maybe this would be my last water fall chasing.  At that moment I realize the immense peace inside of me, and I turned to Claire and said "Claire, you know your dad is crazy chasing water falls, I hope that you can accept that fact, cuss I get this immense peace inside me, and I'm likely not going to stop"


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