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December 12, 2017 

     Can't say I didn't give you my number,  I put it on FB. If you missed it, it's 530-999-8477, so much easier to remember now.  I disliked the 3185#.  Don't be afraid to text, just not group text.  I have 80% of everyone contact, which was migrated over. 

Dec. 11, 2017 

     Had a good weekend home, still can't seem to make that decisive move!   If anything more stress than good!   Three weeks off should allow me to decide weather I'll head home or not, in 2018.   Maybe put if off, til Summer?  Mentally I am ready, financially not, or is it the other way around? 

I was drunk, dude how did I get so hammered.. LOL.  I was in no way being cocky, hadn't the slightest idea what I was doing to be honest.  It was 3 O'Clock, then 5, next thing I know it was 9:30 and I am throwing up in the back of my niece' car.  #2lifeandSTUPIDITY

         The road home hasn't been easy, as much as I look forward to a new, the old is holding me back.  It's hard to just pickup and leave, leave the comfort.  No one ever said "Anew is easy"  but I've decided on a date, January 15, 2018.  I've yet to give my notice, but likely January 15, 2018. 

         Fishing, I look forward to that the most, honestly, I don't look to intervene anyone's life.  It will be as if Sonny isn't even home, cuzz frankly, I like riding solo and it an't homo.   

December 5, 2017

 WOW December already.  November went and frankly I didn't do anything special, simply because I am simple, maybe that is the answer to life' happiness, stay simple and humble.


    I must admit, though, rumors of me not being a straight arrow has me laughing all day, and frankly I like it, less to explain. :) 


   By the way, happiest birthday to Audrey, who turned 13, yesterday.  Sorry I couldn't be there, but hopefully, monetary you are happy.


Life really is simple, get up and enjoy the day, or sleep in, then enjoy the day. 

Originally there was 13 of us, Some could use better days, Ou and I have been the few more outgoing, even so I am less social these days.   T has been enjoying his single life.  missing a few folks, hoping to see more of the original 13s.  I still talk to most of them.  Nice to be back home with the boys. 

November 26, 2017 

Life really is simple.  Had a great weekend home, got a few things done.  Really need to make that decisive decision.  Managed not to pissed anyone off or make a fool of myself.  Life is good, good to see the Four Horsemen.  

THaT is my new phrase "Life is Simple".  Someone did mention to me, "Life is simple, but she complicates it

By the time I am able to make it back to Thailand for a visit, all these artists I like will probably be retire.  None the less, Num Kala, Yes Sir Day, Out, Potato, BIGFOOT, Fai Am Fine, Beau, Parn,  Bee who no longer sings, but models and acts, Knomjean is pretty cool, Kat's a favorite.  I hope to someday enjoy #Thailand AB normal has a great voice, some odd reason, I just don't dig him.. Remeniscent, as  child I did enjoy some free Thai concerts.

There was a time I was quick to REACT.  I have learned not to REACT so quickly these days.   A year ago, this text would have gotten to my head and I would have been quick to draw and fire, but today, silence is the best answer.  

Sometimes being right is not comfortable, I've been in this situation before.  And I've learned not to care anymore.  No one LIKES a Mr. Right/KNOWITALL.  

I've learned not to care of what others have to say of a bad situation, letting folks learn their lesson, their way.  I don't have the CAPACITY.  

"Take care of yourself, before you can take care of others"

Life really is simple, why must we complicate it.

November 08, 2017

Been awhile since I've been to the movies, caught Thor, surprisingly a great movie, very entertaining.  I didn't once look at my phone, didn't get up to use the restroom.  Was entertained through the entirety of the movie.  Will own it when it comes out.  

I am so ready, so ready to go home.   So much I want to do.  

The gratitude is what keeps me going...........

 I don't like it that I am slow to start, but I hope to get there, I want to enjoy my life at 50, that peaceful life.

I've been a fan of Pink Floyd since I was a sophomore in high school, that was 1993, their song "Wish you were here" was my first favorite, then "Hey you",  "Brick on the wall" "Diamonds",  countless other songs, I've grown to love.  "Us and them" at a time, I was naive and thought it was my girl and I against the world, little did I know it was a song of war. 

Us and them

And after all we're only ordinary men

Me and you

God only knows it's not what we would choose to do

I'm ordinary and I choose not to. 

Be awhile before I get into a relationship, but one thing for sure, I've learned to finish my books before starting another one.  It has that bad connotation when you have a lingering ex, be it mine or her'.  Finishing a book is always best, start clean and fresh.  Well not so fresh, but clean, hopefully clean.

Can't believe it's November already.  WOW, going on two weeks, not a text from the opposite sex.  Kinda cool.  October flew by, and know November will too.

Crazy how life is, that I look forward to not getting a text from anyone.   If hadn't for the world series today, I think no one would have text me.  :)  

Wished I had stumble onto this during my younger years.  Would have helped so much.   "Seek victory first, then go to war" 

Deep down inside I am more Confucius than Sun Su, on social media the egostistcal Sun Su.  None the less, Dalai Lama is my main principle.  

October 26, 2017

    Working on the next chapter of my life.  Searching for the inner peace, fighting that inner demon (fear).  I have much to do.   The same guy, only with a different approach to life's situations ( Sun Tzu and Confucius ) .  Self, is what I am working on, taking care of self, physical, mental and financial.

Peace with myself, peace with the world. 


     "Karma, the idea that individuals have a moral responsibility, and that each person’s deeds may have cause and effect. Simply, meritorious deeds and thoughts result in a good rebirth and evil deeds and thoughts lead to an unfavorable rebirth"