Pack - saechaophotography

What is in the Backpack?

Hiking or hunting I normally pack the same materials.

1. Magnesium fire starter and a lighter

2. Leather-man Sidekick 

3. Whey Protein 4 scopes depend on the Hike/Hunt.

4. Machette

5. 64 ozs of water.

6. TP

7. Radio

8.  Gloves

9. Sleeping Bag  not while hunting.

10. Head lamp SE05 and a flash light the Leather-man F1.  

11. About 5 plastic garbage bags.

12. 100 yards of rope. 300 pound work load capacity.

Rarely have I had to used it, but it is good to know I have one.  Adds quit a bit of weight but for what it does, a great tool to have.

Kershaw Machete.

Adds a bit of weight but it helps to clear the way if needed.  It's hidden in the bag and most of the time I don't even know its there. 

Whey protein isn't only used for muscle bulking.   Great source of protein for light packs.  1 scoop contains 6 grams of protein, which is equivalent to 6 oz of chicken breast.  the protein weight in at 1-2 ozs.  Carrying less than a third of the weight for the same amount of protein!  chicken is still best when you are home.  Whey protein serves a great supplement when trekking.  I generally carry 2X12 ozs of whey protein mixed.

Great for second source of lighting needs. I carry another lighter in case as well. 

Soon  to add: