ZEBRAPLECO - saechaophotography

June 16, 2016

Abandoning the idea of breeding the Zebra Pleco, I don't have the time and knowledge to keep them alive.  

[ August 24, 2015 ]  

I have much to learn before I get any Zebra Plecos, I've been seeing a lot of deaths online, mainly folks who leave for a vacation and find  them dead after their 1 week vacation.  Glenn loss one of his while on vacation.   So with awareness I am going to put the pleco tank off.  

I will however start getting ready, with a matured tank, cycled and with fishes and plants able to tolerant the high temperature the Zebra Plecos require

Picked up this 55 gallon Acrylic, I will buff and seal as much as I can to make this my show tank for the Zebra Pleco tank. 

[ August 4, 2015 ] 

Hopefully I get to pick up this 55 Gallon acrylic aquarium.

[ August 4, 2015] 

I will liquidating all my current stock in the 240 to finance the Zebra Pleco breeding project. 

I doubt I will get what I asked for, but I know I will get half, and half is better than nothing.

I will also be getting a 55 gallon acrylic to start the breeding project.  I've decided to go acrylic do to durability, ease of drilling and how acrylics maintain better temperature than glass. 

I will start a series of photo blogs soon. 

[ August 4, 2015 ] 

After 20 years of fish keeping I've decided to take on breeding the Zebra Pleco.  I'd be lying if I told you money was not my motivation.   First an foremost these Zebra Plecos are no longer imported, and due to their nature of low batch, the maintain a relatively high price.  They won't fetch the $100 per inch anymore, but still at $100 a fish is till a good return on investment.  

Zebra Pleco Food

Hikari carnivore pellets [ Have ]

Massivore pellet broken [ Have ]

Earth worm sticks

Spirulina sticks

frozen Cyclop-eeze

frozen Daphnia

frozen or live baby Brine shrimp

frozen Spirulina


                   Golden Pearls

                   Veggie sticks with calcium

  Earthworm sticks.