FISH2018 - Saechao Photography

Patience, everything you want, you will have.  

Focusing on the 180 gallon Jardini and the 300  community.  

March 13, 2018

Finally saw some Geophagus Proximus, too bad I don't have my 180 gallon setup, otherwise I'd gran one of them.  Appears to be two males is why I would only get one.  Two males will harass each other to death.  G. Proximus are a rarity in the hobby, they are also not as popular due to their large size of 11 inches, I for one would love to see/have a 11" Geophagus, due time I will have all  the Geophagus I want. 

March 12, 2018

      Life is simple, when I have time to my fish hobby.   I'm doing well. I find peace and solitude when I am in my fish roomTo life and what we embrace.   When I am bored, I think of the aquariums I will have, kills me that I can't get my aquariums going.  Especially the 300, and 180  gallon aquarium.

When all said and done, a 600 gallon Ray, AA, FRT and Geophagus community will be my feature tank. 

I'll have my 300 gallon because it is well constructed and I got a deal on the tank!  Tank is solid for a 300 gallon. 

I'll have my 180 gallon too, that one too is well constructed, and the custom stand is costumed by no other, but my older brother San. 

I am debating to have 4 120 or 75 gallon gallery. 

   There are some Central American Cichlids I still love; The Festae, Dovii, Vieja, Green Terror. 

Don't be s smuck $8K$ on  a 225 gallon acrylic,  and 1400 on filler fishes, lol...  $8k, I'd furnish all my tanks and fishes to top quality show tanks and fishes. 

Two days later the owner decided "Best offer" No one is going to offer anything close to $8K, I've learned in this hobby you can't let emotions attach to your tanks, what you spent on, isn't going to recoup, my $600 custom is $150 to some, and even less to others. 

My current pride and joy.  I've been after these geophagus Sveni for two years, didn't think I would ever get them, but I got 6, hopping to get a pair out of them, from what I've observed I have 4 males and possibly 2 females.  Got them baack on my daughter's birthday December 4, 2017.  They are 4 inches now, I power fed and changed water every 2-3 days.  two more months an their streamers will start to show.

I also have a Jardini and a Archer fish, of which I need to make a separate tank for.  Especailly the archer, he's not aggressive enough to get foods.  The Jarhead is growing nicely and getting big, soon it will need it's 180 gallon.

I am happy to see Black Diamond rays prices dropping, not so thrilled aboutt eh pearl prices, but none th less I can afford BDs, as for RTGs, they are abundant and around, some how the SRs have gotten me.  Now I want a SR!

I will still get pure black diamonds, dependent on disposal income. Aslo P14s, likley to get a male P14 and a female DB. then get a Pure BD male down the road.   But for the time being two hybrid females is my current goal.

Always liked Festaes... They are my Niner fish.

Video is not my fish! 

The Dovii, always been a fan of the Dovii, some day I like to catch it on my own, lol.   None the less I missed my old pair. 

Frankly, I don't think I've own a Vieja, I think I may have for a little time, but not for a long period of time.  It's a fish I'll have dependent on time and disposal income.

These wild Green Terrors, I've had several before, not the wild grade but have had several green terrors in my past.  Like to get back to having them in their own 120.

Time permitting I like to start or buy a nice Red Texas and a flowerhorn.  Just one of those things.. Last resort thing though.

As far as I know Cory has the biggest monster clown loaches in the Pacific Northwest! 

I'd like to get one of these wild monster clown loaches, just one, cuzz I've had the normal tank raised monsters before.  Just one, just want one.  Currently rasing 40, and will add 40 more soon.  But would love to have 1 monster with my shoal/school. 

The plan..... 

(1) Get the 180 gallon going... 

(2) Move all my fish from the 55 to the 180 gallon 

(3)  Start the 300 Gallon...

(4) Order two female BDs 

(5)  Move BDs into the 300 

(6) start the 110 -> Move the Jarhead here for a little bit. 

(7) Buy and or start looking for the 600 gallon 

(8) Deposit on a FRT/RTG 

The List

1.  Kelberie X3

2. Orinos     X3

3. Flagtail  X 1 

4.  Dovii x3

5. Festaes x3

6. Viejas X3

7. Green Terrors X3 wild caughts 

8. Enlicheri x1 

9. Ornate Bichir x1

10. Leichardti 

11. Large clown loaches 

12. More Roseline

13. More small clown loaches 

14.  two more archers if available

15. Tingrinus Catfish

I am very surprise he has a flagtail with is rays.  These rays are monsters!   But ultimately this is what my 600 will emulate.   AA, Rays, FRT, and some Geophagus. 

My 300 gallon will emulate something like this video,  Rays, AA, and Geophagus.  


Archer                                                 x1

Jardin                                                 x1 

Flagtail                                                x5

Geophagus Sveni                              x6

Geophagus Aporema                       x3

                     Altifrons                         x3 

Clown Loaches                                x37 


            Burmese                             x 6

            Queen                                  x3

            Striata                                  x3

Redtail Shardks                             x12

Sydontis Multipunctatus                x6 

                Petricola                         x 7 

110 Gallon  


Flagtails X 5  

Redtail Sharks  

Bala sharks  

180 Gallon 




Sydontis Catfishes  

Get the 300 galling started 




75 gallon Archers 

Archers X 3  


55 Gallon grow out...  

Predator grow outs...  

40 gallon 

Red Texas 

To get.... 

Archers   x2   $70

Endlicheri  x1 $30

Ornate Bichir  x1 $30 

Kelberie   Bass x3   $75 

Orino bass  x3  $75 

Festae  X3   $60  

Dovii x 3       $24 

Vieja Argentia x3  $60  

Considering  More of --- 

Bala sharks   X 10  

Burmese Botia X5




Mbu puffer   -> should get in in Portland  -> Needs it's own tank! 

Tiretrack eels  -> cheap in Cali  

Knife fishes --> cheap in cali 

Black ghost Knife  

Odd Balls.....