EAGLE_CREEK - Saechao Photography

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

Eagle Creek Trail, this is a must trail.  I've been here so many times, but never went pass the first 100 yards of the trail.   So much to appreciate.   Apologies for not writing a thorough blog.  I will try to when I have some time to put in the thoughts, until then hopefully the images will convey my thoughts to make you want to visit this place. 

Directions;  Heading east from Portland via I84, take Exit 41 to Eagle Creek Hatchery, take a right turn as you approach the the T section.  First Parking is of a dozen cars, go further down and you can park there along the road and there are more parking towards the trail.  

Plan well, this trail is very long and have much to offer.  Please read here.

If you have a Northwest pass, the pass is good here. 

Some times its good to ask people where they are headed, keep in mind, not all are friendly.  Approach the right people and you will get the answers you need.  Or simply just follow them, don't stalk, leave a distance of 50-100 yards, lol.  Know where you are going first is always a better option. None the less, if you are clueless, do ask, there are more friendly people than not. 

If you are worried about hiking alone, don't, there are always people coming in and out.   The time I took to reach Punch Bowl Falls, 100 people passed me.  I took my time and enjoyed the journey and not so focused on the final destination.   I noticed people were more focused on getting there then enjoying  the journey.

Slow down and enjoy the smaller gifts to the side, Don't be so focused on the final trophy. 

You are 50 yards away from the intersection to Punch Bowl after crossing this creek.

The sign is very small and high, easy to miss. 

The descend to Punch Bowl Falls.  Be careful, slipery when wet.

Take your time, enjoy the place, people come and go.... there are breaks in between where this place ca be empty, :)  be courteous.

After getting back from Punch Bowl, I started to hike the Wauna View point only to reach 90% of the hike and was not able to climb the 100 yards due to the path being washed out, another trip. 

Tanner-Eagle Traverse Hike

Tanner Butte-Wauna Point Trail Junction

Next trip...... 

Tunnel Falls 

High Bridge Trail

Be careful out there, I've fell several times already and saw an elder fall very hard.  He was like me, courteous in making way for others to pass by, then he slipped.  Make sure you get to a safe place before making way for others.  The saying " Take care of yourself before taking care of others "   I saw several folks in rush and only to slip and fall.   be safe, and only leave foot prints, please pick up your trash.  :) 

Perspective to size.

To what ever one does, one has to maintain a balance.

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