HORSE_PONYTAILFALLS - Saechao Photography

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”

–Henry David Thoreau

Directions:   Let me know if this google map works.  

      Google Horsetail Falls,  

Head east on highway I84, Take exit 35.  It'll Loop you around.  Take a Left turn onto the Scenic Highway, ( A right turn will take you back into Highway I84 West bond).  Once you are on the Scenic Highway. You can't miss it, it's the first water fall and decent size parking.

     Upper Horsetail aka Ponytail fall is .4 miles hike up.  

I thought I had much to say, but it all went out the window.  Horsetail fall is a great Instagram water fall, too cute.  See folks drive up to the fall, jump out, selfies and back in the car off they go. 

Looking East and West.

Given time I like to complete the trail.  Started to rain like cats and dogs, plus I have my camera with me, I shall return to complete the route. 

The opening to the trail, be safe.   Stay right when you come to the sign. :)

In honest truth, I did think, I thought of the difference; those out to seek inner peace, and those out to seek approvals.   Usually those seeking approvals, their visits are short and swift, in and out.  Those here seeking something else have the tendency to loiter.  

I struggled tonight with lighting, couldn't seem to get the right lighting.  I really need to wake up early and try that "Golden Hour"  I never had this much problems.

At least I got to test out my Peakfreak shoes, and the Bag held up well, the Jacket not so.  Never buying a rain jacket under $100, does the job if you are only in the rain for 10-15 minutes, but for what I do, no!  I will look to get the best money can buy rain gear, within reason of course. 

The hike was too fast, I had too much on the mind.

Would have love to shoot from behind the big log down below.  It started to pour, can't risk my gear, my life okay, but I can't afford another lens and or Camera.  lol...

I must admit I wished I had a partner who'd consider carrying my second camera for Macro floral shoots.  I see so much plants, and flowers I want to capture, but my wide angel lens doesn't do the trick.  I'm not sure what this plant's name is, sure looks purdee though... 

Trying something new, adding a comment box.  I'm trying not to flood FB with my water fall images, I am well aware, not everyone has the passion to get off the couch.  Merry Christmas. :)