LATOURELL - Saechao Photography

“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration.”

–Claude Monet


(1) By way of I84 -> head east on I84, Take Exit 28,  As you Approach Angel's Rest, Turn Right onto Highway 30, continue for 3 miles, and you will see the Water fall to your Left.

(2) By way of High 30  ( best but a little tricky) 

      Take Exit 22 on I84, heading East,  A little tricky) pay attention to signs for Multnomha falls or Vist House, stay on your Left.  You will pass a small town of Corbett, Women's Forum and Vista House, continue on Highway 30 to Latourell Falls about 1.2 miles. 

More detailed information here. 


here from nwhikers.

If you have made your way here by way of the Columbia Scenic route ( Highway 30) aka Historic Highway, you have made a very wise choice.  Stay on this route, at the other end is Elowah and McCord Falls.  If you come upon  a full parking wait 10 minutes, someone will likely leave, as this isn't one of those falls where people stay long, 80% of the folks stay less than 5 minutes and leave, once they reach the bottom.   Not many will do the loop or reach the Upper Latourell Fall.

This water fall is becoming my go to water fall.  Close by and easy hike.  I get to go under the fall on warmer days.

Best to visit on a week day evening, less crowds. 

This was taken with my D700, and a Cheapie 18-35mm lens.  I will replace with better images soon.  I hope to catch a good day when it is overcast.  Until then... 

But wait there is more ...... :) 

Entrance to upper Latourell Falls, stay to your left!

Stinging nettles - not your friend.

Do not attempt to cross to the other side of the path, this will take you back to the loop, stay on the path if you are to reach the Upper Latourell Falls.  The grass is not greener, lol. 

The very top of Latourell Falls, becareful, not much to see here

Be safe, I lost sleep.  I was about 2 feet away from the edge, and its scary, there's nothing here to see. :)   No one has, please don't make you the first.  lol   Safe travels. 

Many are amazed by the water at first, but loose interest real quick, due to the close proximity to the road.  Take your time to explore the loop and upper Latourell Falls, through the woods you'll loose yourself, forget the bustles of city life.