TAMANAWAS_032517 - Saechao Photography

“None of Nature’s landscapes are ugly so long as they are wild.”  John Muir 

How to get there..... 

Check the weather before going... 

More information from Outdoor Project on Tamanawas Falls.

Getting there is easy, It is located on the east side of Mt. Hood.  Via Portland Highway 26 to Highway 35 or from I84 to highway 35.   

Visit here for more information.... 

If you are familiar with highway 26, head East, pass Timberline, after a mile or two you will come to Highway 35 intersection, from there, another 17 miles, location is on the left side.  Look for Little John Park, and Sherwood park, when you see these Parks, you are very close by.  Time your milage, don't go past 20 miles on Highway 35, if so, you've gone too far. 

Looking South - Where you would have been coming from.

Looking North

Trail is relatively safe, a few sketchy places, but relatively safe. 

Put my boots and Ice cleats to used today, so glad I had them.   Only need the cleats for Winter. 

The short time I was there, ( 3 hours) the the busy world  did not exist.   

.3 miles into the trail and you will see this sign.  It is relatively easy hike,  be careful when there are  snow.   Most of the hike is along the river, so it's nice, slow down and enjoy the scenery, you will reach the fall in no time.   

You will come to a second bridge, after this, it is all cake!  trail is well maintained.

Getting there,  my long exposures.  I could use the ND#8, I ordered the ND#400, that's ND#2, plus ND#4, and ND#8.   So I can shoot at F8-9, at 3 to 5 seconds.  without over exposing the water. 

Inside looking out

There are always people there, there were roughly a dozen more folks on their way to Tamanawas Falls as I was heading back.

I felt good today, thought I packed more, my back pack seemed lighter.   I was rushing back with no health issues.

and that concludes a "WAS" epic hike! hurtful but epic. 

No one ever shows the aftermath, crunches for three days, couldn't move the first two, finally on the fourth day I decided to go get it warm up in the sauna at the gym, glad I did, felt better, was able to bend my knee.  So it is not bone, yay!  

But I am resting this week, brush with death this weekend, besides the fall.  I shall slow down... 

I shall return next year with snow shoes, and cleats.