WaterfallsP - Saechao Photography

“Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter.”

John Muir 

March 1, 2018  

How time has flown.  Taking care of self, mentally, physically and financially.  Too busy to chase water falls and hikes.  Until then be safe, leave the world as you see it,  practice Leave No Trace.  

44. King Creek Falls

43. Spray Fall

42. Narada Falls

41. Butte Creek Falls

40. Toketee Falls

39. Hatchet Creek Falls

38. National Creek Falls

37. Diamond Creek Falls

36. Salt Creek Falls

35. Moon Creek Falls ( Being Written)

34. Spirit Falls ( Click on image to Read)

33. Alamere Falls

32. Proxy Falls

31. Ramona Falls - Oregon

30. Abiqua Falls - Oregon

29. ONEONTA FALLS, Oregon.

28. SIlver Falls State Park - To complete

27. Triple Falls, Oregon

26. Latourell Falls, Oregon

25. Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon

24. Upper Horsetail Fall, Oregon

23. Fairy Falls

22. Mossbrae Falls Dunsmuir, CA

21. Hedge Creek Fall

20. Punch Bowl Falls

19. Tamanawas Fall

18. Wakeena

17. Upper McCord Falls

16. Wahclella Falls

15. White River Fall, Oregon

14. Falls Creek Falls, WA

13. Panther Creek Falls , WA

" The only things you can take with you when you leave this world, are the things you've packed inside your heart " 

Susan Gale